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Rhythms of Spain

Spanish music has a fundamental allure. The fiery Flamenco rhythms and sensual Moorish harmonies evoke Latin passion and pride. Throughout the centuries, Spanish composers have embraced this national idiom, bringing these unmistakable rhythms to audiences worldwide. Though often associated with the angelic, the harp’s percussive but lyrical nature makes it an ideal instrument for this devilish combination. Rhythms of Spain is composed entirely of transcriptions of works ranging from the symphonic to chamber music to piano solo. The combination of two harps with percussion instruments allows for a colorful rendition of these various instrumental textures.






1. 4 Piezas españolas: I. Aragonesa Manuel de Falla arr. Atlantic Harp Duo 3:16
2. 4 Piezas españolas: II. Cubana Manuel de Falla arr. Atlantic Harp Duo 3:41
3. 4 Piezas españolas: III. Montañesa Manuel de Falla arr. Atlantic Harp Duo 4:19
4. 4 Piezas españolas: IV. Andaluza Manuel de Falla arr. Atlantic Harp Duo 4:29
5. Danza española no. 1, from La Vida Breve Manuel de Falla arr. Patricia Masri-Fletcher 3:47
6. Introduction and Fandango Luigi Boccherini arr. Elisabeth Colard–2Mc éditions 6:32
7. Granada, from Suite Española No. 1, Op. 47 Isaac Albéniz arr. Maïté Etcheverry 3:46
8. Malagueña, from Suite Andalucía Ernesto Lecuona arr. Atlantic Harp Duo 4:18
9. Intermezzo, from Goyescas Enrique Granados arr. Elisabeth Colard–2Mc éditions 4:34
10. Danzas españolas, Op. 37: II. Oriental Enrique Granados arr. Elisabeth Colard–2Mc éditions 4:04
11. Danzas españolas, Op. 37: V. Andaluza Enrique Granados arr. Carlos Salzedo 4:01
12. Alborada del gracioso, from Miroirs Maurice Ravel arr. Christophe Saunière 6:47


Produced and directed by

The Atlantic Harp Duo


Atlantic Harp Duo (tk 1-4, 8) Patricia Masri-Fletcher—Petite Pig Productions (tk 5) Elisabeth Colard—2Mc éditions (tk 6, 9-10) Carlos Salzedo (tk 11) Maïté Etcheverry (tk 7) Christophe Saunière (tk 12)

Recording engineers

Antoine Blanchard Renan Luce

Audio editing

Damien Luce

Mixing and Mastering

Fabien Girard

Cover Art

Amanda Krishna—


Gert Wijnalda

Cover design

Elizabeth Jaxon Gert Wijnalda

Recorded at

Little Purple Studio, Keruzaouen, France, on Camac Atlantide Prestige Harps

Special Thanks to

Jakez François Eric Prion